Accelerating Connections: Mastering the Art of Reaching the Next Generation of Car Buyers as an OEM

Knowing your audience and understanding how to implement advanced advertising tactics to reach car buyers are key factors that help drive share within the automotive industry. As OEMs seek to appeal to younger consumers, OEMs will need to adapt their marketing to how this generation thinks, acts, and buys. Tune in to hear automotive advertising expert Tara Rego, Director of Auto Advertising at Spectrum Reach, share the latest strategies for effectively reaching younger auto intenders to increase market share.

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Tara Rego -headshot
Tara Rego
Director of Auto Advertising, Spectrum Reach

Tara Rego leads Spectrum Reach’s Automotive sales and strategy team. Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, provides multiscreen advertising solutions for local, regional, and national clients. Tara brings a profound passion for automotive media marketing, backed by an extensive 20-year expertise in the industry. Tara’s expertise has helped automotive advertisers combine industry-leading data to create impactful advertising solutions that reach in-market auto shoppers more efficiently.

Headshot Dave Zoia
David Zoia
Senior Director, Content

Zoia is a veteran journalist and analyst with more than three decades of experience covering the global auto industry. His work focuses on Autonomous Vehicles, Shared Mobility, and Electrification, as well as the impacts of those industry megatrends in the automotive retail sector.

He has authored, contributed to, and edited extensive reports on battery technology and the battery-electric vehicle market, autonomous vehicles, electric-vehicle charging, megatrends and the commercial-vehicle market and the transition to the digital economy and its effects on U.S. automobile dealers. Zoia also has written extensively about technological advances in sensors (cameras, radar, lidar), new-vehicle architecture controllers, and software. He serves as a juror for the Wards 10 Best Engines, Wards 10 Best Interiors, and Wards 10 Best UX awards.

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