Breaking the Memory Wall with Compute Express Link (CXL)

Anil Godbole is a Sr. Product Planning & Marketing Manager at Intel. His current focus is on Intel’s Data Center CPU CXL strategy, including work with the Compute Express Link consortium. He has 25+ years of technology industry experience and has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

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Anil Godbole, Sr.
Product Planning & Marketing Manager, Intel

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Manoj Sukumaran
Principal Analyst, Data center IT

Manoj is Omdia’s data center computing and networking expert. He covers trailblazing technologies such as processors that enable the programmability of compute and networking hardware, edge computing, composable infrastructure, and the adoption of open compute hardware. He has over 15 years of experience in engineering and financial services, consulting, and research.

Before joining Omdia, Manoj was the founder and director of QWave India, a hardware engineering services company that specializes in designing data center hardware for clients such as Facebook and LinkedIn. His team delivered Facebook’s first three open compute switches, pioneering the bare metal switching technology that has revolutionized the data center. He also worked on the architecture and design of Open19’s first switch and server. Manoj has also held senior positions in financial services, consulting, and media companies. He holds two bachelor’s degrees—one in physics and one in information technology—and an MBA from India’s Mahatma Gandhi University.

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