Deep dive into Blanca Pictures' "Next Big IP" - GINJI
  • Creation and origin of the IP; character and narrative development strategies for GINJI.
  • Ginji's creative process of transformation into a dynamic and relevant IP.
  • The power of Blanca Pictures as a studio and it’s unique selling proposition: female-led, global, multicultural team.
  • Ginji's potential market reach and BP's unique capabilities.
  • How “Ginji” translates to various product segments, what categories and markets are considered first priorities for licensing.
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Michael Bely
Co-Founder, Idea Creator, Creative Producer

Michael holds a degree in Multimedia Design from Ascola Arts Institute, Tel-Aviv. He has 20+ years in multimedia & interactive design projects. He is an accomplished musician and collector of vintage animation celluloids. He is the creative mind behind all of Blanca Pictures’ merchandise prototypes.

Liliya Belaya
Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Liliya holds an MBA from CSU East Bay. In her 20+ years in international corporate management, Liliya spearheaded many large-scale industrial ventures, launched several successful start-ups, traveled the world, and became an accomplished photographer. She is an educator and a fearless visionary.

Kristina Nazarevskaia
Head Writer, Producer

Kristina has 10+ years of experience in feature and episodical TV working with some of the industry's top actors, directors, and producers. She holds degrees in film and art history, speaks several languages, and is an established artist and photographer. Kristina is a recipient of the Goethe prize.

Irina Spring
Head of Marketing

Irina has 20+ years in Marketing and Management with an MBA from CSU East Bay. She has traveled the world working for major corporations. When Irina is not working on Ginji, she is swimming in the cold Swiss mountain lakes, yachting, and creating a line of natural skin-care products.

Amanda Cioletti
Vice President, Content & Strategy, License Global

Amanda Cioletti is the Vice President, Content and Strategy, for Informa Markets' licensing group. Cioletti has more than 12 years of experience in the brand licensing news space, having spent the bulk of her career nurturing the License Global and Global Licensing Group at Informa brands.

When not writing, reading, or researching the many verticals that encompass the brand licensing space, Cioletti spends her time with her family and friends in the wilds of Colorado.

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