How AI improves operations for the drive-thru and the overall customer experience

As the restaurant industry tackles the labor shortage, incorporating artificial intelligence, IoT, and other technologies may be essential to addressing these challenges according to SoundHound AI executive Mike Lauricella, who was present at the recent National Restaurant Association Show. He and technology partners from HME and Samsung explained how AI-powered solutions ensure consistent customer experiences for consumers, as well as higher average checks for foodservice operators.

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Deana Gelino
Head of the Display Division’s Food & Beverage Team for Samsung Electronics America

Deana and her team develop and cultivate partnerships with strategic global QSR and C-Store brands as well as small-medium brands across the US. Deana provides an innovative perspective with her 20 years of experience in the QSR and C-Store space. She has worked for a global kitchen equipment manufacturer and held restaurant operations, vendor and strategic program management roles with one of the world’s largest global QSR brands. Deana understands the challenges her customers face every day and works to ensure Samsung Display Solutions help solve their complex problems to create amazing experiences for their customers.

Bill Brungard
Senior Director of Solutions Consulting Engineering at HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications

Bill has 30+ years of industry experience includes working with more than 100 different QSR brands, including the top globally recognized chains, which has taught him key strategies for optimizing drive-thru operations and achieving unmatched audio quality, faster speed of service, and greater order accuracy. Currently, Bill spearheads the integration and development of AI into HME’s NEXEO | HDX communication platform while fostering strong and lasting partnerships. Bill’s specialized knowledge and expertise are rooted in an extensive background in Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Customer Success, Installation and Training.

Mike Lauricella
VP of Partnerships at SoundHound AI

Mike specializes in establishing and nurturing technical and market-entry partnerships. Mike firmly believes that successful partnerships should yield mutual benefits, and he diligently works to ensure this outcome in all collaborative endeavors. Before his tenure at SoundHound, Mike undertook roles in partnership development and product management, further honing his expertise in strategic business development and cross-functional leadership in the tech industry.

Diana Blass
Contributor, Nation’s Restaurant News & Co-Founder, Kurrant Insights

Diana Blass is a journalist and video producer specializing in technology and cultural trends. She is the founder of Diana Blass Productions and a contributor to Nation's Restaurant News. Her work has been featured on Fox Television Stations, the Discovery Channel, CRN, Light Reading and other digital platforms.

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How AI improves operations for the drive-thru and the overall customer experience
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