Intel® Granulate™Performance Optimization Cuts Cloud Costs

Whether you’re an enterprise with a complex multi-cloud infrastructure or a DNB with a growing user base, reducing cloud costs has become a priority. Intel Granulate reduces cloud costs by optimizing app performance on the runtime level, leading to efficient workloads and fewer wasted resources.

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Jacob Simkovich
Content & Brand Manager, Intel® Granulate™

Jacob Simkovich is the Content and Brand Manager at Intel Granulate. Jacob has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and has been leading content and developer relations for years, with crucial roles in AdTech, EdTech and DevOps technology solutions.

Michael Azoff
Chief Analyst, Cloud Native Computing, Omdia

Michael is a chief analyst on Omdia’s cloud and data center team, where he covers a range of topics related to the cloud, data center, AI, software development, Agile, and DevOps. He also provides consulting to clients and support for Informa Tech events, with a focus on cloud native computing.

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