Observability and Security for DevSecOps

Join us as we dive into the world of DevSecOps, and understanding how observability and security intersect. We’ll explore both of these critical aspects, and how to maximize your DevSecOps strategies with these in mind.

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Rik Turner
Senior Principal Analyst, Omdia

Rik is a senior principal analyst in Omdia's IT security and technology team, specializing in cybersecurity technology trends, IT security, compliance, and call recording. Rik has also worked in Omdia's financial services technology team, with a specialization in capital markets technology. Prior to joining Informa (now Omdia), he worked as an IT journalist, specializing in networking and security. He was also a foreign correspondent in Brazil, where he worked, among others, for the Financial Times and The Economist.

Jennifer Ellard
Senior Director, Security Product Marketing, Elastic

Jennifer Ellard a senior director of product marketing at Elastic. She is a seasoned marketing executive specializing in cybersecurity. With a strong track record of managing global marketing teams and programs, Jennifer leads product marketing and demand generation teams in high-growth companies. She is well-versed in Pragmatic Marketing, lead generation, partner marketing, and sales and partner enablement, with a strong focus on the unique challenges of the security industry.

Gagan Singh
Vice President, Product Marketing, Elastic

Gagan Singh is a VP of product marketing with a rich depth of knowledge in the IT operations, developer, and tech industries. Gagan brings years of experience working at leading technology companies such as Elastic, New Relic, and Cisco. At Elastic, Gagan leads the efforts for the adoption of observability solutions on the Elastic platform.

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