Overcoming Cheating and Piracy in the Modern Games Market

Piracy and cheating are some of the biggest challenges faced by game developers today. In this video, Steeve Huin, Chief Marketing Officer at Irdeto, explains how developers of all sizes can address the challenges of piracy and cheating in a rapidly changing video games market.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Price inflation in the games market
  • How the rise in free-to-play gaming impacts piracy
  • Barriers to the adoption of anti-tamper and anti-cheat solutions
  • Piracy implications for publishers depending on size
  • Security impacts from the emergence of cloud gaming
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Steeve Huin
Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Irdeto

Steeve Huin is Chief Marketing Officer at Irdeto. He is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with nearly 20 years of experience in building products, and driving engagement and revenue within the cybersecurity domain. Steeve has wealth of market knowledge and experience in video entertainment, mobile gaming, and connected industries such as healthcare and transport. Steeve holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and is well-versed in the international business landscape, having held key strategic positions in the Netherlands, Canada, and China throughout his career.  Prior to his current leadership role at Irdeto, Steeve was Co-Chief Executive Officer at International Datacasting Corporation (IDC), a technology provider to the world’s premiere broadcasters in Canada. 

Liam Deane
Principal Analyst, Omdia

Liam leads Omdia’s games tech coverage with his research focusing on the technology and services that power the video games market, and exploring the B2B value chain connecting games development to service providers to consumers. Liam holds a master’s degree in philosophy from UCL, and with a background spanning both analyst research and first-hand industry experience, Liam has a unique blend of experience informing his work analyzing the complex games industry ecosystem.

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