Stomp! Stomp! Rhinos! Psychoeducational animated TV Series

In this discussion with Rugilė Kazlauskienė and Vytautas Tautkevičius, we dive into how the idea for Stomp! Stomp! Rhinos came to life, explore how the animated show teaches children psychoeducation, and discuss coping methods for strong feelings such as anger.

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Rugilė Kazlauskienė
OAK9 Entertainment

Co-creator of "Stomp! Stomp! Rhinos!" Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist. Graduated Clinical psychology studies. Specialized in working with children and their families. Later graduated in Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy studies.

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Vytautas Tautkevičius
OAK9 Entertainment

Co-creator of "Stomp! Stomp! Rhinos!" Art director and concept artist working in the game and animation industry. Also a licensed art therapist.

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Alexandra (Alex) Markovich
Sponsored Content Editor, License Global

Alexandra (Alex) Markovich is the Sponsored Content Editor at License Global. Markovich has over three years of experience in the content industry and has previously written for a variety of industries such as B2B tech, B2B housing, consumer finance, and education. Some of the publications she was written for include SDxCentral, U.S. Sun, Clear Admit, and HousingWire. She also has a background in brand awareness, advertising, and content strategy and has built successful campaigns for Pilot Pen, HardRock Hotels, Habit for Humanity, KPBS, and many more.

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