Securing Your Organisation: Exploring Effective Strategies for Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management is the continuous discovery, analysis, remediation, and monitoring of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors that make up an organization’s attack surface. It’s conducted entirely from a hacker’s perspective, and it relies on many of the same methods and resources that hackers use.

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Martin Borrett
Technical Director, IBM Security

Martin advises at the most senior level in clients on policy, business, technical and architectural issues associated with security. Martin is co-author of the IBM Redbooks "Introducing the IBM Security Framework and IBM Security Blueprint to Realize Business-Driven Security" and "Understanding SOA Security".  He is the executive sponsor of IBM’s Technical Specialist Profession WW, represents IBM at GFCE and the Industry Advisory Board of LORCA, the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer (CEng). Martin has a passion for sailing and has represented Great Britain; he is also a keen tennis player.

Sina Sadrzadeh
CEO/Co-Founder, Wing

Sina is an award-winning podcast host of top 25 Apple rated entrepreneurship podcast, The Millennial Entrepreneur. Sina is also the co-founder of Wing, a fully bootstrapped all-in-one digital in-person networking software built for businesses, used by the likes of Deloitte, NatWest and Mercedes-Benz. Sina was previously the Head of Growth of a Series A-funded NFT marketplace, where he launched Europe's first NFT vending machine.

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