Exploring The Emerging Automotive Edge

Hear from Dell Technologies what edge compute means in an automotive context and how it’s likely to shape the industry, vehicles, and consumer experiences over the next 5 years. Learn which standards are shaping the technology and the realities of managing data along the vehicle to cloud continuum. Understand the need for partnerships and how the ecosystem will enable monitoring of a vehicle’s entire life cycle from cradle to grave as a digital twin.

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Steve Bell
Chief Analyst

Steve Bell is an accomplished strategy and technology analyst with Informa Tech Automotive Group. He is focused on the development of the automotive market, landscape, ecosystem and value chain. His coverage at Wards Intelligence and TU-Automotive focuses on connectivity-based technology transformation (4G, 5G, V2X, Satellite, Mobile Edge computing, AI, IoT, cybersecurity and blockchain) on vehicles, development and production and adjacent areas such as smart cities.

James Singer
Technologist, Office of ISG CTIO, Dell Technologies

James Singer graduated from Utah State University with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and began his career working in the server industry as a hardware design engineer and as a technologist for the last 29 years employed by Compaq, RLX Technologies, HP/HPE and Everspin.  He has been working for Dell Technologies as a technologist in the CTIO office for 2.5 years focused on Intelligent Connected Vehicles and Edge use cases.  When James is not at work, he loves to bike, backpack, family activities, an avid student of golf, and just completed renovating a 129 year old home with his wife Darci.

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