IBM Robotic Process Automation

In this video, Ben Wodecki of AI Business, speaks with David Jenness, Events and Communities Manager at IBM. Ben and David discuss Robotic Process Automation (RPA), focusing on IBM’s recent Build-a-Bot challenge, in which IBM asked its global community to focus on a social problem or serious work problem that could be tackled using RPA.

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David Jenness
Manager, Communities and Events

David Jenness is a writer and public speaker who specializes in communicating the benefits of new technologies to business decision-makers. For IBM’s Business Automation division, he coordinates user groups and advisory boards, manages the virtual Community, and produces and hosts IBM events.

Ben Wodecki
Assistant Editor at AI Business

Ben Wodecki is Assistant Editor at AI Business. A self-proclaimed nerd, Ben enjoys all things tech, with a particular focus on content related to gaming, defense and agriculture. He is also AIB’s resident intellectual property nerd, having spent three years covering that legal sector. Away from his work, he’s an avid supporter of Forest Green Rovers.

IBM Robotic Process Automation
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