Robotic Process Automation with Omdia

In this video, Deborah Yao, Editor of AI Business, and Cassandra Mooshian, Omdia Senior Analyst for AI and Intelligent Automation, discuss Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing tech areas for enterprises.

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Cassandra Mooshian
Senior Analyst, Omdia

Cassandra Mooshian produces thought-provoking research for vendor, service provider, and enterprise clients. She roots her analysis in data and provides value-added insights for these clients. Her analysis helps enterprise clients understand the technologies, tools, and platforms available and how to best learn from and establish best practices. For vendors, how they can address the needs of their enterprise clients in the short and long terms and what the market opportunity is and how it will evolve going forward.

Deborah Yao
Editor, AI Business

Deborah Yao is an award-winning business and tech journalist. A graduate of Stanford University, she has worked at Amazon, the Wharton School and the Associated Press. A Star Trek and Star Wars fan, she does not think it’s a contradiction to be a fan of both (others may disagree).

Robotic Process Automation with Omdia
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