Bringing Data Science Into The Cockpit To Reduce Fuel Burn

Leveraging historical flight data and bringing data science in the cockpit allow to achieve significant fuel savings. Let’s see how this innovative approach enables to go beyond the legacy fuel efficiency initiatives.

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François Chazelle
Business Development VP, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT

A confirmed aviation sales executive building on a 30-year experience in the aviation industry. François joined Safety Line in 2016, (which was acquired by SITA FOR AIRCRAFT in 2021), as Partner and CCO, fully embracing the agility and drive to innovate.

Wes Charnock
Content Marketing Director, Aviation Week Network

Wesley Charnock is the Content Marketing Director of Aviation Week. He has two decades of experience as a journalist and content strategist, and spent five years with Aviation Week subsidiary Routes as editor-in-chief.

Bringing Data Science Into The Cockpit To Reduce Fuel Burn
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