Plan, Predict and Perfect Your Flight Operations

Taking advantage of multiple weather sources and a unique vertical 4D approach, eWAS Pilot overlays Flight Plans over real-time weather. In this video, Igor Dimnik, VP Strategy, Product & Marketing at SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, explains how this radical interface help Pilots keeps flights safe & efficient.

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Igor Dimnik
VP Strategy, Product & Marketing, SITA for Aircraft

With 15 years of experience in the air transport industry, Igor leads product portfolio teams who specialize in data and operational applications. He and his team are focusing on introducing new products and services which reflect their commitment.

Wes Charnock
Content Marketing Director, Aviation Week Network

Wesley Charnock is the Content Marketing Director of Aviation Week. He has two decades of experience as a journalist and content strategist, and spent five years with Aviation Week subsidiary Routes as editor-in-chief.

Plan, Predict and Perfect Your Flight Operations
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