Enhancing the Safety of Electrical Distribution Amidst Rising Power Densities

As the demand for power intensifies, the need for robust and safe electrical distribution systems in mission critical environments is paramount. This FastChat will explore the latest advancements in electrical distribution that ensure operational efficiency and the highest standards of safety.

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John Berenbrok
Director of Product Management at Starline

John Berenbrok is the director of product management at Starline, a Legrand brand. He is responsible for the global portfolio of busbar and monitoring products at Starline, including identifying opportunities for new technologies, products, and access to geographic markets.

Sal Salamone
Managing Editor, Enterprise IT, Informa Tech

Sal Salamone is the managing editor of Network Computing. He has worked as a writer and editor covering business, technology, and science. He has written three business technology books and served as an editor at IT industry publications including Network World, Byte, Bio-IT World, Data Communications, LAN Times, and InternetWeek.

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