The impact of tech, digital and cloud on M&A

As businesses seek new ways to create value for stakeholders, they are increasingly looking to technology to find greater efficiencies. As a result, the M&A landscape is rapidly evolving as organisations explore the potential benefits of tech, digital, AI and cloud across the Deals process.

Rachel Lovell
Broadcaster, journalist, marketer | PwC UK

Rachel is an experienced broadcaster and journalist with a career spanning print and online media, television, radio and documentary filmmaking. Having covered science, technology and sustainability for the BBC, Rachel is now a senior member of PwC’s content and thought leadership team, working with the firm’s partners, clients and technology alliance partners on topics ranging from AI to ESG.

Grianne FASTCHAT (1)
Grainne Marry
Partner | PwC

Grainne has led large complex technology transactions in deal situations. She advises Private Equity and Corporate clients on Technology value creation within M&A, with a distinct mix of experience across M&A, Strategy, Technology and Operations.

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The impact of tech, digital and cloud on M&A
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