Unlocking value everywhere with cloud

Cloud, data and new technologies offer organisations the chance to transform how they work: creating innovative new revenue streams, increasing the speed and security of technology, and reinventing business models. But harnessing that opportunity requires a change of mindset and a bold vision in order to unlock new sources of value and achieve true agility.­ ­

Warren Tucker, Partner and Cloud and Digital Leader at PwC UK, joins Sina to discuss why cloud remains critical for ambitious organisations, explore the opportunities it presents, and explain how to overcome challenges to extract greater value from technology investments.

Sina Sadrzadeh
CEO/Co-Founder | Wing

Sina is an award-winning podcast host of top 25 Apple rated entrepreneurship podcast, The Millennial Entrepreneur. Sina is also the co-founder of Wing, a fully bootstrapped all-in-one digital in-person networking software built for businesses, used by the likes of Deloitte, NatWest and Mercedes-Benz. Sina was previously the Head of Growth of a Series A-funded NFT marketplace, where he launched Europe's first NFT vending machine.

Warren Tucker
Partner | PwC UK

Warren leads Cloud & Digital for PwC UK. He focuses on devising and executing strategies that exploit digital & cloud to build new and transform existing businesses, accelerate time to market, reduce cost and change how organisations’ work.

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Unlocking value everywhere with cloud
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