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ZTE: Pioneering a Sustainable Future with Green ICT Advancements

Dive into ZTE's pivotal role in the "Leaders In - Sustainability" series, showcasing its commitment to pioneering sustainable advancements in Green ICT.

Zhiping Chen (cropped)
Zhiping Chen (Summer)
Vice President and General Manager of Branding & PR Strategies , ZTE

Zhiping Chen (Summer) has extensive experience in the telecoms industry for over two decades. She has been engaged in R&D, operation, and branding for many years, gaining profound and unique insights into business areas such as industry trends, business model innovation, and planning and management of branding strategies in the international telecommunications field. ­ ­ Summer joined ZTE in 1999. She currently serves as Vice President and General Manager of Branding & PR Strategies at ZTE. Before that, she successively assumed management positions in charge of wireless system R&D and global marketing.­ ­ Summer was rewarded the "Technical Person of the Year 2017" Award issued by the China Association of Communication Enterprises (CACE) and was among the members of the "2018 Top 10 Leaders in 5G" list issued by Communications World.

Sue Marek
Sue Marek
Light Reading Contributing Analyst/Editor

Sue Marek has been reporting on the telecom and tech industries for more than 30 years. Most recently she was editor in chief at SDxCentral where she oversaw all of that site’s editorial content. Prior to that, she was editor-in-chief of FierceMarkets Telecom Group, where she managed a team of editors and was responsible for the content for several of the company’s websites, newsletters, and live events. Sue is a frequent speaker at industry events and has moderated panels at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Competitive Carriers’ Show, The Wireless Infrastructure Show, and more.

ZTE logo (LI Sponsorn)

Global Leading Integrated Communication Information Solution Provider

With innovative technologies and product solutions, ZTE serves global telecom operators, government and enterprise customers, and consumers. Covering more than 160 countries and regions, ZTE serves over 1/4 people worldwide and is committed to achieving a bright future of connectivity and trust everywhere.

ZTE tn
ZTE: Pioneering a Sustainable Future with Green ICT Advancements
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